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About Us

We are a team of professional flight nannies and animal lovers. We provide world wide pet transport by flying in cabin with your pet and provide constant love and care throughout the duration of the delivery. We hand deliver with white glove service from airport to airport. Here at QT Pet Transport we treat your pet like our very own and nothing is more important than getting them home.

How It Works

  • As a full disclaimer we do travel standby. This is how we keep your cost down. This means there is a possibility that we MAY need to change the flight itinerary or airport at any point during the delivery based upon the number of seats available on the plane. This does not occur often and is not something to be overly concerned about being that we do hold a very high success rate for same day deliveries

  • Typically you give us two dates that work for both client/breeder and the airports you want us to pick up and deliver to. (we mostly service major airports). We will send the details to our awesome team of flight nannies and get someone scheduled for your delivery. 

  • Click "Pay Now" at the top of this website to secure your delivery date. We will specify how much the deposit will be & how much is to be paid to the transporter.

The Process

  • Pet Nanny will pickup pet from Breeder or Shipper at the closest major airport and place pet in a soft-sided carrier.

  • Then will take pet out of soft-sided pet carrier when TSA screening area is reached

  • Pet Nanny will carry the pet while walking through the metal detector at the airport.

  • Pet Carrier and contents inside (excluding pet) will be placed on the conveyor belt and screened by TSA security. After screening pet will be placed back inside of soft-sided carrier.

  • Pet is seated in-cabin with the Pet Nanny on the airplane, and will not leave their side until the destination is reached and pet is united with owner.

  • Hand deliver the pet to the owner in the baggage claim area of the destination airport.